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    Greetings! We are your complete source for auto & truck restyling having been in business serving the vehicle market since 1979.


     Being a member of the Restylers International Group gives us access to all premier accessories and installation tools to give your vehicle the protection, functionality and the 'look' to help you 'Reflect Your Style".


     We've been in this business longer than anyone else and have the knowledge to serve your needs.


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     Auto Trim Design in Fargo really is your "One Best Place" for all your car and truck accessory needs. Aftermarket accessories for cars and truck is what we do, and we have the expert technicians and installers to meet your expectations when it comes to customizing your favorite ride.


     When you come in we will show you just how we are able to make that statement. The way we treat our customers makes the case that we really are the best place for window tinting, whether it's tinting the windows in your favorite ride or applying window film to your home or office windows we have professional installers to make the process a smooth one.


     We do custom electronics. It is one of our specialties.Custom mobile electronics like mobile video, backup cameras, Bluetooth systems, GPS navigation, remote start or auto start, seat heaters, yes we do all that and more!


     Chrome accessories are another top sellers for those that that like to brighten things up. Nothing says 'Look at me' quite like that glitter of chrome. Yes chrome accessories have been popular for a long time and not only enhance the appearance of your vehicle but in many cases offer a good degree of protection for the elements and road debris as well.


     Leather seats are a real luxury and can be added to most any vehicle, and you can have your leather seats with or without seat heaters which make those chilly winter days more comfortable.


     Paint protection film is a must if you want to preserve that new car look and feel for that expensive factory paint job. Not only do we have certified professional installers to apply the product but our top brands carry extensive warranty coverage as well, so you get expert application and a guarantee it will last for many years to come


     Grill guards for those times when you relly have that "Deer in the headlights". You know, you're driving along after dark and all of a sudden, there she is, that cute little momma deer that just walked out right in front of your ride and you just do not have time to make an evasive move that will save the front end of your brand new pickup truck and there goes the grill, headlights, front fender ...


     Unless you're protected by one of those good looking Grill Guards form one of our top suppliers. Not only do they look great but they can save the day when that little [or maybe BIG] fuzz ball walks out in front of you without any warning.


     What about protection for the bed of your truck or its contents? That's were a Tonneau cover form Access or Roll-N-Lock or one of the many others we can supply comes into play. Why not come in and see just what we can offer you to protect your truck bed and your valuables in back.


          We have Running boards steps and Nerf Bars from the industry leaders like ICI, Onki, and Owens.


     Yes we have all this & much, much more!


     Please watch our "Welcome" video above, it's our personal welcome message from us at Auto Trim Design in Fargo to you. We hope you enjoy your visit and that you will come in to see us soon.


     At Auto Trim Design & Glass of Fargo we carry only the best in top quality trim and accessory products from the industry‚Äôs leading manufacturers because we care about our customer's satisfaction. When you come in we will do everything possible to add you to our long and growing list of happy, satisfied customers.


     Come in or give us a call. When it comes to dressing up your car or truck Auto Trim Design of Fargo really is the "One Best Place". We have many years of training and experience that prove we really are the experts in the field.


     Thanks for taking a look around in our online store. We hope to see you in person soon.


                                 We hope you enjoy your visit.